Verona Weekend

Verona Weekend
Nice little charmy town, remains me of Venice.

Auf "Goethes" Spuren

...immer noch auf Goethes Spuren, er war zwei Jahre in Italien...

Verona Arena in the day time.

Everything at the stage has to be ready for the opera.

We had Tickets vor the "La Traviata"
Great seats, row 18, right in the middle of the happening.

I'have to get the pictures from the opera, but they are at Gregs camara

and he is in USA until tomorrow.

So, I will post it tomorrow or friday.

;-) Katharina

La Traviata
Row 18 Perfect Spot

After the opera at 00:45 we went back to the great wine
restaurant, Botega, where we had dinner before the opera.
There were thousands . . . tens of thousands . . . hundreds of thousands  bottles of wine.
Sorry, for the late update of my Verona weekend.

Hope you guys have a great holiday or weekend.

I will post some more of my latest weekend at the black forest soon

have a great week

Katharina ;-)

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