Malta Island - Paradise

Hey there,
today I show you some of my favourite moments in Malta.
We stayed in this awesome Hotel, right at the beach of Buggiba
(San Antonio Hotel & Spa

This was the view of our room from the 9th floor

Top roof pool 10th floor -
was absolutely needed at 35 °C +

Statue of  Paulus

Valletta the Capitol city of Malta.

Typical style of balconys and Shutters in pastell colors
can be found throughout Malta and especially in Valletta.
Also very British are the red telefon boxes ...

... more pastelles

the Valletta city wall

St Julian - another lovely and charming town.

Buggiba at dawn - showing the traditional Maltese fishing boats.

A  beautiful day has past and we love to watch the sunset
on our balcony...

I hope you liked my pictures and impressions of
the adorable Island  Malta in the middle of the
 mediteranian sea.

Have a good week lots of greetings
xo Katharina :o)